• Localism: A Panel Discussion with Joel Kotkin

    Localism: A Panel Discussion with Joel Kotkin

    Wednesday, 31 May 2017 – Fieldstead & Company, Inc.

    How should citizens and their leaders meet society’s primary challenges, especially in a complex and pluralistic society like ours?

    Fieldstead & Company and Houston’s Center for Opportunity Urbanism ( assembled an ideologically diverse national panel of highly respected experts to discuss how we can meet fundamental challenges at the local level. Joel Kotkin shared insights from the Center’s “Restoring Localism” study funded by Fieldstead & Company.

    Speakers included:
    Tom Lile, Chairman, Center for Opportunity Urbanism
    Joel Kotkin, Executive Director, Center for Opportunity Urbanism
    Ron Gertz, Moderator, Founder of Music Reports, Inc., Copyright Attorney
    Tory Gattis, Founding Senior Fellow, Center for Opportunity Urbanism
    Zelda Bronstein, Activist and Writer
    Morley Winograd, Senior Fellow, Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, USC
    Jennifer Hernandez, West Coast Land Use and Environment Practice Group, Lead Holland & Knight
    Ryan Streeter, Director of Domestic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

    Part 1 (Joel Kotkin):

    Part 2 (Panel Discussion):