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There is no better way to learn than to travel. Places, people, foods, music, art, history all come alive when you see them in person. Howard and Roberta Ahmanson have traveled since they were children. And, they repeated the pattern for their son, who has been on the road on every continent but Antarctica since he was two years old. Their goal is not to tick off sites on some kind of tourist check-list but rather to understand the people, their history, their religion, and their culture as deeply as they can. So, they read, find serious guides, they visit museums, traipse over ruins, go to concerts, and talk to people, all to understand the world in which we live on ever deeper levels. Recent explorations have included a month in jeeps over dirt roads in Ethiopia, two months on coaches, trains, boats, and planes in China, five weeks in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria (a favorite), and Serbia, six weeks in Russia, and more than a decade ago two five-week sorties through Turkey and three months on and off cruise ships to see South America.


Exploring the oases in the western Egyptian desert, July 2009.

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