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An Evening with Andrew Sullivan

Fieldstead hosted political journalist and blogger Andrew Sullivan for an evening salon

Columnist, blogger, and author Andrew Sullivan is a popular source of provocative, astute political and social commentary. The Washington Post called him “a media pioneer,” and The New York Times said, “Andrew Sullivan might deserve to be remembered as the most influential political writer of his generation.” After four years as a contributing editor, in 2020 Sullivan left New York Magazine.

Drawing from his award-winning writing, Sullivan addresses a range of topics, including inequality and human rights, Christianity and modern conservatism, civil liberties, the legalization of marijuana, and the effects of technology and digital media.

From 2000 to 2015, Sullivan chronicled every major political and cultural moment in real-time on his blog, The Dish. During the blog’s life at Time, The Atlantic, and independently, he helped to legitimize and advance the medium by publishing 250 to 300 posts a week. In assessing his body of work, New York Magazine said, “[T]he archive makes a case for Sullivan’s outsize influence on the politics of the new century.”

A practicing Catholic, he has challenged the Church's position on gay life and addressed it several times in New York Magazine. Sullivan is a regular panelist on Real Time with Bill Maher. He is an Oxford graduate and received his Ph.D. from Harvard University.


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