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Augusto Del Noce

A Conversation with Aaron Kheriaty & Carlo Lancellotti

Augusto Del Noce: A Conversation with Aaron Kheriaty & Carlo Lancellotti

On Saturday, April 13, 2019 Fieldstead and Company welcomed scholar and translator Dr. Carlo Lancellotti to discuss his work with and translation of the writings of the 20th century Italian political thinker and philosopher Augusto Del Noce. During this talk, Dr. Lancellotti identifies and elucidates many of Del Noce’s remarkably prescient insights into our current social and political milieu, touching upon topics such as the erosion of morality in politics and social life, a sense of spiritual malaise (particularly in the West), and the fracturing of social cohesion wrought by the proliferation and ubiquity of advancing technology. Lancellotti conveys how Del Noce foresaw many of these developments, evaluated their potentially transformative effects, and identified the roots of current philosophical ennui in the monumental ideological struggles of the previous century; most notably the evolution of Marxist theory, its implementation and later failure in Eastern Bloc countries, and its strange relationship to continually evolving market capitalism.

Dr. Lancellotti, joined by UC Irvine psychiatrist Dr. Aaron D. Kheriaty, M.D., together provide a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a great 20th century philosopher, who, until recently, was not widely known to English-speaking audiences.

Carlo Lancellotti received his first degree (in physics) from the University of Milan in 1990. He then completed a MS in Engineering Physics (1993) and a PhD in Applied Mathematics (1998) at the University of Virginia. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics at CSI and a member of the graduate faculty in Physics at the City University of New York.

Professor Lancellotti’s field of scholarship is mathematical physics, with a special emphasis on the kinetic theory of plasmas and gravitating systems. He has published in a variety of journals, including Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, the Journal of Statistical Physics, Chaos, the Journal of Transport Theory and Statistical Physics. His recent endeavor to translate Del Noce into English has been published by McGill-Queen’s University Press in two collections of essays: The Crisis of Modernity (2015) and The Age of Secularization (2017).

Aaron Kheriaty, MD, is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Bioethics Program at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine, where he also serves as chairman of the clinical ethics committee at UCI Health. Dr. Kheriaty graduated from the University of Notre Dame in philosophy and pre-medical sciences, earned his MD degree from Georgetown University, and completed residency training in psychiatry at UC Irvine.

Dr. Kheriaty has authored books and articles for professional and lay audiences on bioethics, social science, psychiatry, and religion. His work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and First Things, and he has conducted print, radio, and television interviews on bioethics topics with The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, and NPR. On matters of public policy and healthcare he has been invited to address the California Medical Association, the UC Center in Sacramento, the Sacramento Press Club, and has testified before the California Senate Health Committee. He is Senior Fellow and Director of the Program in Health and Human Flourishing at the Zephyr Institute in Palo Alto, CA, and Scholar at the Paul Ramsey Institute in San Francisco, CA.


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