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In Quest of Beauty

Assemblage In the Ahmanson Collection

March 30, 2019 – The Ahmanson Gallery unveiled this exhibition in a series of shows highlighting the beauty and breadth of selected works of sculpture, textile art, and photography culled from the Ahmanson Collection. Viewers are invited to peruse two gallery spaces of meticulously arranged pieces selected by Brooklyn-based art curator John Silvis. Artists represented in this exhibition include:

Lynn Aldrich, Hermione Allsop, Diedrick Brackens, Markus Brunetti, Ale Groen, Sheila Hicks, Barry Krammes, Steven and William Ladd, Elad Lassry, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Amy Meissner, Wayan Novi, Phillip Stearns, Ricky Swallow, Betty Woodman, Sun Xun


Assemblage has its roots in a desire for assembling objects in a stream of consciousness. As a highly flexible art form, assemblage is still employed by many contemporary practitioners today. The selection of twenty-three works by seventeen artists in the Ahmanson collection, created during the last four years, encompass many media and perspectives ranging from meticulous digital photography to salvaged, rusted metal sculptures. Particularly within the realm of contemporary textile art, artists consciously use repurposed fabric for its embedded history and as a way to address environmental concerns.

The exhibition is open to the public by appointment during business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. To make an appointment contact

Panel Discussion

Join moderator, artist and Biola University Professor of Art Jonathan Anderson in this discussion examining the nature of assemblage in art, literature, philosophy and everyday life as each of our panelists weigh in on their own encounters with the fundamental nature of the concept in their work and in their lives.

Panelists include: Barry Krammes (artist, professor of art), Cara Lewis (artist, gallerist), Diedrick Brackens (artist, professor of art), Mandy Kahn (poet), and Scott Timberg (writer).

Musical Performance

The Ahmanson Gallery was proud to present the North American premier of two classical guitar pieces written by Scottish composer Michael James Murray and performed by Scottish guitarist Sean Shibe, accompanied by a string ensemble of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Assistant Conductor Roger Kalia. Sean Shibe studied with Paolo Pegoraro at the Royal Conservatorie of Scotland, and Michael Murray is a protégé of renowned Scottish composer Sir James MacMillan.


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