Indonesia in the Next Five Years: Global Partner or Global Concern?

Global Partner or Global Concern?

In April 2019, Indonesia survived its most divisive general elections. The world’s largest Muslim majority country successfully held its fourth presidential election since its transformation from dictatorship to democracy – the world’s third largest – in 1998-2002. However, the recent election demonstrated the growing strength of religious extremism. With approximately 260 million people and almost 90 percent Muslim, more than 10 times that of Syria, its failure to cope with this problem will present a global threat. The world will also lose a potential partner with its unique assets for overcoming religious extremism, protecting religious freedom, and even promoting peace between Israel and Palestine. On Saturday, July 27, Fieldstead and Company welcomed Ambassador Jakob Tobing and Dr. Alwi Shihab for a discussion with Roberta Ahmanson highlighting Indonesia’s challenges and opportunities in light of the elections and their thoughts on how to respond to them.