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The Housing Crisis: What Would Howard Do?

In the 1960s, Howard Ahmanson Sr. helped average Californians buy homes through his company, Home Savings and Loan.

Today, California is facing a dire housing crisis. Many of the people Howard loaned money do would not be able to buy homes today. The prices are just too high!

On August 2, 2018, Howard Ahmanson Jr. Howard Ahmanson Jr. held a conference in his father's honor, bringing together a diverse group of experts to propose real solutions to the housing crisis.

Speakers included historian Eric J. Abrahamson, Adam Arenson, and Allan C. Carlson; Rick Cole, Los Angeles Chief Deputy Controller; William Fischel, Dartmouth professor of economics; Robert Fishman, University of Michigan professor of architecture and urban planning; Brian Hanlon, president of California YIMBY; Joel Kotkin, Chapman University Roger Hobbs Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures; Johnny Sanphillippo, writer, photographer, and blogger; and Kenneth Stahl, attorney specializing in land use, zoning, and local government law.


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