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Define Gravity

Sculpture In the Ahmanson Collection Define Gravity: A Conversation on Contemporary Sculpture
Part 1 – Panel Discussion
Saturday, 28 October 2017 Join artists Nathan Mabry, Meg Lipke, and Hermione Allsopp together with gallerist Mary Leigh Cherry of Cherry and Martin in Los Angeles and moderator, architect and founder of the Formation Association, John K. Chan in this thought provoking and candid discussion on contemporary sculpture, the fundamental motivations of the artist in interpreting the world around them and the process by which thought and concept take shape, emerging into corporeal reality. Translating that sometimes mysterious and often unconscious process with which art is produced, the members of this panel, all working professionals in the contemporary art world, bring a preponderance of knowledge, insight and expertise to this exploration of the creative process. Define Gravity – Part I – A Conversation on Contemporary Sculpture Define Gravity: Sculpture in the Ahmanson Collection
Part 2 – Exhibition opening and concert
Saturday, 28 October 2017 Fieldstead & Company, in conjunction with the Ahmanson Galleries, hosts this exciting sculpture exhibition of 21 international artists and a concert performance by the immensely talented Scottish pianist Euan Stevenson together with the equally spellbinding tap dance virtuoso Andrew Nemr. Forming a collaborative, improvisational duet, these phenomenal artists perform a dynamic set of pieces drawing stylistically from various forms of jazz, classical and modernist compositions and ranging from original material to familiar standards (George Gershwin, Thelonious Monk). Playful, delicately entrancing and deeply moving, Stevenson and Nemr dazzle and delight their audience. At times austere, at times whimsical, Define Gravity includes various sculpture pieces from the Ahmanson Collection and covers a vast stylistic and philosophical territory. From deeply devotional pieces to beautiful abstractions and points in between, artists represented in this exhibition include Lynn Aldrich, Hermione Allsopp, Francesco Arena, Genesis Belanger, Peter Brandes, Pia Camil, Maja Lisa Engelhardt, Sir Jacob Epstein, Athene Galiciadis, Isa Genzken, Ale Groen, Tim Hawkinson, Jutta Koether, Meg Lipke, Nathan Mabry, John Mason, Henry Moore, Zoe Paul, Kurt Steger, Ricky Swallow, and Zhang Jian-Jun. In the words of curator John Silvis: “The 28 sculptural objects on display in the Ahmanson Gallery confidently represent Howard and Roberta Green Ahmanson’s engagement with the medium of sculpture over the last 25 years. This selection of work includes 21 international artists from 10 countries, most of them contemporary, who represent unique positions within their medium. The richness of Define Gravity is created by its diverse content and innovative use of materials, which reflect the Ahmansons’ rich intellectual life and expansive view of culture.” Define Gravity – Part II – A Conversation on Contemporary Sculpture

Define Gravity
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