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The Future of Egypt's Copts

The Future of Egypt’s Copts Sam Tadros Salon Sunday, 21 May 2017
Fieldstead & Company welcomes Samuel Tadros, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, for this compelling look at the contemporary state of Egypt’s Coptic population, the struggles they face within the current framework of Egyptian political and religious life, and their unique position in the broader spectrum of Middle Eastern politics. With their future as a distinct ethno-religious group and the continuity of their ancient church under threat, the Copts face the daunting challenges of dealing with an increasingly hostile Islam as well as the ongoing struggles of reconciling their ancient legacy with the paroxysms of modernity.Drawing on material from his most recent publication, Motherland Lost: The Egyptian and Coptic Quest for Modernity (2013), Tadros elucidates the predicament the Copts in Egypt currently face and the legacy of perpetual persecution they have endured for millennia; from the Roman and Byzantine emperors to the rule of Islam.
Mr. Tadros received his MA in Democracy and Governance from Georgetown University and his BA in Political Science from the American University in Cairo. He previously interned at the American Enterprise Institute, where he worked on the Muslim Brotherhood and worked as a consultant for the Hudson Institute on Moderate Islamic Thinkers, and most recently the Heritage Foundation on Religious Freedom in Egypt. Sam Tadros – The Future of Eqypt's Copts

The Future of Egypt's Copts
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