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Melanie Penn Christmas Concert


Immanuel: Melanie Penn Christmas Concert Sunday, 10 December 2017

In a celebration of the joy of the Christmas season, Fieldstead & Company welcomes vocalist & songwriter Melanie Penn for this delightful performance of songs from her most recent release, Immanuel. In her own words Penn writes of the album: “In December 2016, I unexpectedly wrote a song from the perspective of one of the wise men who journeys to Bethlehem. I named the song ‘Follow the Star’ and sang it at a Christmas show in New York City. In the weeks that followed, I wrote more songs from the Christmas story. The perspectives were all in the first-person, about the angels and people who were actually there when Christ was born: a shepherd, Gabriel, Isaiah, Joseph, Mary, the Innkeeper, and others. And the album came to life. The songs are about the first ones to hear the good news. They saw signs, had dreams, heard from angels, watched the stars, and they sang.” Penn is mesmerizing as she beautifully imparts the hope and joy of the season, enchanting her audience, and reminding us of the awesome event for which we rejoice and celebrate.


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